1987 (original 1921)

Client: Margaret & Richard Davies and Associates

Location: Lancaster Gate, Kensington, London

The Christchurch War Memorial was erected in 1921. Consisting of a Portland stone plinth with a pedestal surrounded by an octagonal shaft supporting a stone tabernacle with a metal crucifix on top.

The memorial was partially destroyed in the storm of 1987: the tabernacle was retrieved, but the gilded bronze crucifix, the column shaft and the upper embellishments were lost.









Our part in the project was to remake the missing gilded crucifix and design and make its fixings. We modelled and cast the crucifix, the decorative orbs below and the figure of Christ in bronze. The elements were put together then leaf gilded, as per the original. The crucifix and orbs were then securely fixed into the restored tabernacle and column.












The memorial after completion of all works

Bronze examples