It is unfortunately too often the case that elements of a monument or public sculpture are missing, due to vandalism, theft, or lack of maintenance. Records of original design schemes may also have been lost. In these cases research is required to establish the history of an object, its original appearance or site.

Paint samples may also be taken and analysed to establish original and subsequent decorative schemes.

We can carry out such research for you and provide a full, illustrated report with budget costings for the restoration/conservation options available.


Client: The City of London Corporation

Location: Blackfriars, City of London

The Temperance drinking fountain was missing several elements and the City of London asked us to research the history of the fountain to establish whether records existed which could be used as reference to replace the missing pieces, and restore the fountain to a cohesive appearance.

By researching in reference libraries, and in press and photographic archives, we were able to establish all the required details and provide a full report. We have now fully restored this drinking fountain and rebuilt it on this spot with the addition of replicas of its original third step, bronze dolphins and tazza.