Client: The Alice Trust

Location: Waddesdon Manor, Buckinghamshire

This silver plated and gilt bronze balustrade panel was restored by us from damaged and disparate fragments found in the store at Waddesdon Manor.

The silver-plated bronze frame sections had lost their plating. Metallurgical analysis was carried out on these elements to establish their original composition. The results showed the frame sections to be of bronze and confirmed they were originally silver plated.

All the silver-gilt elements were stripped down and cleaned.

The silver plated frame sections were dismantled, repaired and straightened, cleaned and then replated. These elements were then lacquered to protect them from tarnish in the future.

The balustrades were then carefully reassembled, retapping fixings where required, and a new bracket made to fix the panel onto the wall.

A second, smaller panel was also restored from fragments in this way.

Silver and Silver Gilt examples