15th Century, Unknown maker

Client: Birdsall, Swash and Blackman Architects funded by a parishioner.

Location: The Church of St John the Evangelist, Oxborough, Norfolk

This important, pre-Reformation lectern, known as 'Peter Pence's lectern', required several structural repairs, and there was a secondary problem with the accumulation of polish deposits in the recessed areas of the decoration, and general surface deterioration.

The polish deposits were carefully removed using wooden picks, and bronze wool where necessary.

Where possible, a few areas of excess lead solder were removed to enhance the appearance of old repairs.

A new Bible rest was constructed and fabricated, following the results of research to establish the correct design.

The bird was missing all its talons. Following curatorial discussion, it was decided to replace them. Eight individual talons were then modelled in wax, cast in brass, polished and fixed into the bird's feet. For reference, the Victoria & Albert Museum kindly provided us with photographs of the very similar lectern from Southwell Minster, Nottinghamshire, which had been exhibited at the museum in 2004.

Polish deposits in recessed areas of the decoration

Cleaning using a wooden pick

The missing talons

The lectern from Southwell Minster

 The new talons