Regency, Unknown maker

Client: The National Trust

Location: Cliveden Hotel, near Taplow, Berkshire

This large glazed lantern is approximately 2.5m in height. Prior to conservation it was generally in unsound condition.

The lantern was removed to the studio, dismantled and all the old electrical wiring removed. 

All fixings and joints were checked and made good and general repairs carried out using appropriate methods and materials, as required. 

The lantern was rewired and earth tags attached where necessary. The surface was lightly cleaned and eight new candlesleeves were supplied and fitted. Several of the screws that hold decorative elements in place were missing or had been substituted unsympathetically and needed to be replaced. 

A porte-cochère (French for 'coach door') is a porch or portico-like structure at an entrance to a building, through which it is possible for a horse and carriage to pass, in order for the occupants to alight under cover, protected from the weather.